COMING SOON for PC and Mac via Steam!

Rebirth of the Territories is a new wrestling management sim made in the Unity 3D game engine. The first of its kind to feature real independent wrestlers and real wrestling promotions!


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If you want to support the game, please check out our Patreon or our Prowrestlingt Tees page. 

For more information on the game, click Indy Wrestling in the main menu. 


other Portfolio

Below is a section of my most recent or favorite projects in my portfolio. Please take a moment to check them out and let me know what you think. 

Proxima Centari

Made with Unity 2021

Developed for GameDevHQ Certification. This is my first 100% non-tutorial project. 

Play or download today from (Link below)

Galaxy Shooter

Made with Unity 2021

2D Space Shooter is retro style top-down space shooter. Take on waves of enemies in this demo game made for GameDevHQ.

Currently Playtesting on click the controller below to play. 

Super Ninja Girl Adventure

Made with Unity 2018

Super Ninja Girl was developed as my capstone project from Michigan State University’s Game Design Certification course on Coursera. It’s a frustratingly difficult three-level demo game available on Kongregate.