Ever since my grandfather bought my brother and me the first “Ninnydo”, his pronunciation of the first Nintendo Entertainment system, I have had a passion for video games. It was the love of video games that got me into web development and software development in high school. A passion that turned into a great career in business software systems. But that passion for games never faded and I finally decided to put my skills and my passion together and make games. I have over 20 years of development in web and software. This site is dedicated to my transition from hobbyist game developer to professional. If you would like to reach me please send me an email. 


ABOUT Valdarix Games

As of Jan 1st, 2022 Valdarix Games is a subsidiary of Satori & Associates, Inc. Satori & Associates has been in the enterprise software business for over 30 years. Indy Pro ’22 by Valdarix Games is our first venture into video games. 





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