-Added debug logs to capture exact queries that are failing. This may slow down the game a little.




– Everything in the game is now using the new database connection model, allowing for faster connection, loading, and logging of issues.

– Corrected the Lat and Long of Johnstown, PA – Updated several screens with proper placeholder images.

– On the World > Talent screen, the social media buttons will only appear if there is a valid link in the database. These buttons will now open that social media link in the steam browser. These links will be added to the Promotions panel and the rosters screens in the future.

– To prevent errors on the talent load, placeholder DOB and Debut dates have been added as 12/1900 for everyone who has not been updated in the database yet.




– Fixed an issue when using spaces in the save file name. Previously the game would use the save file name as the name of the database. When the string had spaces in it the database could not be connected. The game now removes all spaces from the database name.

– Fixed an issue where clicking the release button when there is no one on the roster would crash the game. – Fixed an issue where loading a roster for a promotion without one on the world panel could cause a crash.




– Added the Mishaps table to deal with what can go wrong. – Added the News table to keep track of news events.

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