If you are filling out this form between August 8th and September 15th, you have been given this link directly because you are either from an Oklahoma-based promotion or female talent. We will do everything we can to get you included in the initial roster when the game launches on November 1st, 2022. To make sure we can do this without issue, make sure that you :



  • Fill out the form with as much detail as possible. The less research we have to do the better chance we have to get you processed.
  • Provide your social media links,, merch links, etc as full links including the HTTPS:// if possible. If you can’t get the full link please at least make sure the handle you provide is correct. We want players of the game to be able to find and follow what you do in real life and this is an important part of that.
  • You are represeneted in the game with a photo. Please make sure that you A) Own the rights to the photo you send us to use B) Send us the best quality photo of yourself looking forward, showing yourself from at least the waist up.  Professional promo photos work best if you have one and own the rights to it, but a good clear photo from a cell phone works too. DO NOT send in ring action photos, blurry photos, photos you don’t have permission to use.  

Not your ring name. We need this to verify you are the person authorizing the use of this persona. This information will not be disclosed to anyone.
This is the primary name you wish to appear under in the game
What is the best way to conact you.
If other please give details below if you are confortable
This can be your real birthdate or the birthdate you want to include in the game.
This can be an approxomation
This information is used as part of your in game biography.
Any nicknames you might have as part of your persona
Legit badass, martial artist, cowboy, outlaw, etc?
Your music is for flavor text only. However if you have a custom theme you own the rights to and would like to include it in the soundtrack of the game please leave a note here.
Selecting heel or face will make your rating in the category in the game higher.
These selections determine what role a player can hire you for.
List any moves or spots you want to include in the game
Name and description if not obvious
(Promotions you have worked for, titles you have held, backstory, etc.)
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 20 files.
If you have the photo handy you can upload it directly here. Submit as many as you would like.
This would be a high quality image in good lighting from the knees up. You can include a link to the photo want to use or send it to with your ring name attached or DM it to one of our social media profiles. If you just suggest Instagram or twitter we will try to find the photo that works best in the game. You can submit a new photo at anytime in the future and we will update the game to include it, even post release. You can also directly upload the photo below.
Please list any team/stable names as well as people involved. If they also sign up to be part of the game the team or stable will be included
As part of the game I want to highlight you to the fans by included your socials and links they can follow you in real life as well as in the game!
Further information will be sent out as the game gets closer to release to make sure that if the game makes money, you make money. So please double check your contact information before submitting.