This form is to AUTHORIZE, James West, under the name of Valdarix Games, to use your Company (photos, titles, bio, etc) in an Independent Wrestling Booking Simulator/Video Game. Valdarix Games will only use your likeness, logos, photos, etc in support of Indy Pro ’22 and will not use it in any way you have not authorized.

For more information about the game please visit

Leave blank any information you do not want to be considered for inclusion.

If you would like more information, please contact us by email:

No ownership of Trademarks is transferred and all information and assets used are done so with the explicit permission of the promotions involved. 

Promotion submissions from Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Indiana are now closed for the base game. Any submissions for these states will be considered for the first promotion DLC. 


Not your ring name. We need this to verify you are the person authorizing the use of this promotion
EX. Northern Championship Wrestling - NCW
If you use a different name in ring.
This is for promotions whose owner/promoter is not the booker.
email, phone, etc If email or phone please provide the email address or phone number.
Please include anything you want to include in the game. The higher quality the better. For belts a shot of the belt straight on will look best, but we can work with it as long as it a clear photo. Can submit up to 30 items. If you have more please email it to with your promotion name attached. Note that some mobile devices have trouble with this upload form, you can email any photos you have and skip this part if you would prefer.
What is the best way to get this information for the game.
This can be your real birthday or the one you want used in the game. The purpose of this information is for recreating retirement situations, etc for the player.
Month and year
The city and state you would call your base of operations
This helps with recreating how and where your company will book shows if AI controlled.
Statewide, region, etc.
What days etc?
If you have special events please list name and month, for example every July you hold Freedom Fight.
If you have special matches not listed here please include it in the section below about your promotion.
This will be used to determine the AI's usage of you during events.
Select any that apply. If your company has multiple owners please select all roles filled by all owners and then list the owners and their roles in the next section.
If your company has multiple owners, please list them below and what roles they fulfill for the company.
These are only used to help the AI play the game, they are only here to give more flavor and are in no way a representation of you or anyone in your company.
Heavyweight, Internet, Women's etc.
Special match types, idealized version of your promotion, records, awards, etc.
Please list any and all social media links and websites where people can find your product, these will be included in the game so that players can find you in real life.
Clicking yes allows me to utilize the provided information in the game.