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Interested in adding your promotion to the game? Email James@valdarixgames.com to inquire.

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What kind of game is it? Where will it be released?

The game is a booking/management simulation. The players will play as the promotion and run the company to success. The game is NOT a button masher like WWE 2K or Smackdown vs Raw, etc. No 3D work is needed for the game.  There is an amazing game from Virtual Basement coming out that will fill this need. 

It will be released on Steam in Nov of 2022 for PC and MAC and hopefully on consoles in 2023. 


Why do you accept everyone?

While it may look that way, we don’t. There are ~25k wrestlers in the United States and our roster will be massive, but it can still only be a small fraction of the talent that is currently out there working every weekend, and some every day. If we do have to reject your submission we will notify you at your preferred contact method with a reason why. 


Current Roster and promotions

Talent Roster: Click Here

Promotions: Click Here


Why I want to work with real promotions and talent

Wrestling booking sims usually end up with fan man mods that incorporate real-life promotions, bookers, and wrestlers without the explicit permission of those entities.  I could design my game to follow that same design and allow “modders” to customize the game. However, I want to showcase the world of pro-wrestling that fans don’t get to see on prime-time TV. The hard-working men and women who bring joy and excitement to local wrestling fans all across this country. Therefore, this game will only include real promotions and real talent who have approved of their likenesses being used in the game. I also claim no ownership of your likeness, any photos, etc. 

What is needed from you as a talent?

The only thing needed from you as a talent is a high-quality photo of you, preferably from the knees up that you approve for use in the game and in the roster reveal. We also need some information provided by you to be included in the games database.

What is needed from Promotions?

For promotions we need a little more, we need the approval to use your logo, bio, title histories, photos of belts, etc. in the game. If your logo is trademarked we are happy to sign a release form stating the logo will only be used in an approved manner in the game in support of sales of the game. And that we will not use it beyond the allowed scope defined by your promotion. 

Since wrestlers are normally classified as independent contractors we reach out to them directly. However, your promotion has an exclusivity deal with your roster please let us know. 

We are not in competition with any other independent wrestling game!

If you already have a deal with another indy wrestling game (Indie Wrestler or Virtual Basement) please know that our game is different. We are not competing against them on platform or genre. We are a booking simulation/promotion management game for PC and MAC. There is no actual wrestling in the game, the player manages shows and books cards but all wrestling is done by an AI engine. 


If you haven’t authorized it then it won’t appear.

There are no in-game avatars so no mocap or 3D work is needed. 

Once you’ve filled out the form and authorized the use nothing else is required. We will review the submission and get back to you if anything further is needed.


About Indy pro ’22 for Talent and Promoters

If you are viewing this page it means you are considering inclusion into the independent wrestling booker simulation game being developed by Valdarix Games and want to know more about the game. 

Wrestling fans have been playing wrestling simulators and fantasy booking wrestling since the 1980s. These have come in two forms, real-world wrestlers used without permission and focused on WWE, WCW, ECW, and other larger, more well-known promotions, or fantasy worlds created by the game developer (TEW series) but no game has ever focused on independent wrestling and sought official inclusion of independent talent. I aim to be different, to create the definitive wrestling promotion sim. 

Players will select a wrestling promotion and promoter to play as, they will build their roster, book shows, and try to grow talent and the promotions into state, regional, and maybe even national promotions. Players must manage their finances and put on matches their audiences want to see in order to stay afloat and grow. 

The game will be released on PC and macOS first. If it finds the audience I hope it will then I will explore mobile and console releases at a later date.

As part of your inclusion in the game, all of the social media links you provide will be added so that players can actually follow you in real life. 


About Valdarix Games

I am a solo developer trying to start something that my kids, who are type 1 diabetics, can take over someday. Making sure they have a future that will provide them with access to the medication they need.

This will be my first full-feature game targeted for release to the broad public.

Started as a 100% self-financed project, with a very small development budget.

I am creating this game in honor of my dad who passed away in June ’21, we shared a love of wrestling and sports management sims so Indy Pro seemed like the perfect game to create in his honor. 

Valdarix Games is a dba of Satori & Associates, Inc. LLC., a software developer with over 30 years of database-driven development in the enterprise space. This is still currently a solo development project.



We are still ironing out the final compensation for talent and promotions. It is my goal that this game supports the Independent wrestling community and compensation will be based around that. If you have questions please email james@valdarixgames.com or shoot me a DM on one of our social media sites. 



Want to contact me for more information? Email james@valdarixgames.com and we can communicate through email or schedule a phone call. If submitting images please include your ring name or promotion name.