So the Nov 1st deadline I set for myself is getting close. I look at the state of the game and wonder if I will get there. To release on Steam on Nov 1, I must submit the game for review around October 15th. That leaves me roughly 11 weeks to get the game into a complete, releasable form. With the tight timeline, I have mapped out the following road map.

Moving releases to Saturday evenings, on top of the listed items, I will also be working on getting the social media links and bios into the game, focusing on a few letters of the alphabet each week. As well as doing the same for the promotions. I will also try adding a couple of promotion rosters to the game each day. 

August 7th – 13th: 

  • Finish the match booking screens so you can book all the matches currently in the game. Add the booking notes, winner selection, etc., to booking matches. 
  • Add Preventions to booking the same person against themselves or as a ref in their match. 
  • Implement the training screen functions (add, remove, select focus, hire/fire trainer).
  • Time permitting, start work on finishing up the sponsor’s feature (assign to a show, list on the placeholder screen)
  • Complete the Venues screens

August 14th – 20th:

  • Finish up the sponsored feature.
  • Add the ability to run a primitive show.
  • Add IWTV Tag Team Title
  • Finish the awards page to display the selected champion. 

August 21st – 31st

  • Finish all of the promotions screens. 
  • Add the Regions Screen and features.
  • Get the news screen working primitively.
  • Have the database layout completed so that old saves will no longer get broken on a new release. 

Sept 1st – Hopefully, I have enough finished to update the build number to 1.0b marking an upgrade from Dev/Alpha to Beta.

Sept 1st – 10th

  • Work on Other promotion AI
  • Work on talent negotiation AI

Sept 11th – Sept 30th 

  • Rough in the TappedOut Podcast Feature
  • Get options in and working
  • Photo Clean up
  • Polish
  • Ratings Work
  • Bug fixes

Oct 1st – Oct 14th

  • Bug Fixes
  • More polish and clean. 

Oct 15th – Submit to steam for release approval.

Oct 15th – Oct 30th – Work on daily updates and patches for stability and bug fixes. 

Nov 1st – Release the game as Early Access at $24.99. 

The primary goal is to have the game out of early access by January 1st. That, however, will be up in the air. 

I will be reaching out on Discord for research volunteers for some data work

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