Release schedule (Subject to change)

New releases will drop every 15 minutes on the days below. This IS NOT the complete release schedule. Names listed may have spelling errors as we copy and paste and clean up the final names on posting. We may rearrange the schedule on the day of release but will update it here if we do. The last day on the schedule is left blank for promotion reveals and for anyone who is rescheduled so they will appear in the same week! This list will be updated every Monday until the reveals are done.


Reveals are not done in any specific order, it is usually based on how easy the photo we have is to work with. 


If you don’t see your name don’t worry it just means we haven’t fully processed your form. This could be because we need to locate a different photo. You can check the different tabs on the spreadsheet to see where you stand. 

!!If you are worried we don’t have your submission please DM us or shoot us an email to and we can quickly check on your submission before you resubmit. !!


Shcedule now updates in real time!